Hailing from Lund in southern Sweden, Veritate is a heavy metal band that incorporates elements of doom and thrash among other styles. The band was formed in 2003 by members from occult heavy metallers Cult Disciples, the more thrash-oriented Santure, and Sorthug, a pure black metal band. Shortly afterwards Veritate was joined by the singer Johan “C.L.A.W.” Knuutinen.

Although heaviness is the foundation around which the songs are built, melodies and atmosphere play a prominent role in Veritate’s music. To this concoction a battery of thrashy riffs is added to compliment the keyboard elements. The result is solid metal with a doomy feel and a vibrant groove.


The backbone of Veritate’s music has always been classic heavy metal. However, with members from a wide range of musical backgrounds, the band experimented with various sounds and mixes of styles for some time before settling for the sound that defines Veritate today. When this style was established, two demos were recorded and sent to various magazines and venues. In 2007, Veritate decided to record a full-length album, the result, “Straight in to Hell”, was released the year after.


After signing a deal with KILLER METAL RECORDS the LP, “The Rise Of Hatröss” – consisting of the songs from the two demos, was released in April 2009. In September the same year the band decided to go seperate ways with vocalist, C.L.A.W. He was replaced with Niklas Olausson(ex-Broken Dagger, ex-Folkearth) in december whose vocal style and range fits better with the improved sound of Veritate, 2010.

An active live act, Veritate has played gigs in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg, as well as Alingsås and Gothenburg. The numerous live performances have earned Veritate great public acclaim and a solid fanbase, consisting of both young and old fans. Needless to say, performing a good and memorable live show is as important to Veritate as writing interesting songs.

Veritate’s ambition is to rise up as an influential band in the European metal scene, ultimately becoming its leaders, spreading the gospel of heavy metal to all corners of the world.

The cooperation between VERITATE and KILLER METAL RECORDS already lasts for some years until in 2009 finally the LP was realised. Now a new cooperation for the actual CD takes place. A new song presented by the new frontman in Englisch and the national language Swedish show VERITATE somewhat modified. With that new song VERITATE are more straight, more traditional and more catchy than ever before. Straightforward Heavy Metal loved by anyone who dies for traditional Heavy Metal!

A new studio album was planned for spring 2011 at the right time before the festival season starts to happen, but the band splitted up.


1. The rise of Hatröss LP                                                     2. The chosen one S-CD
100 copies, grey vinyl, handnumbered , 15,– €
400 copies, black vinyl, handnumbered, 12,–  €                     limited 1000 copies 6 €