line up:

Alonso “Zo” Donoso- Vocals

Yasko Kajtazovic- Guitars/Backing vocals

Tim Cummings- Drums

Adam Amdor- Bass/Backing vocals

Reborn! UNITY is a metal band from Iowa/USA formed in November 2010 by singer Alonso “Zo” Donoso (ex-DARK MIRROR). Alonso decides to leave his previous band and start a new musical project. Zo’s idea was to create music that was more European oriented and Melodic, yet powerful and raw. UNITY’s music could be described as melodic heavy metal with european power metal influences. UNITY takes influences from different bands and backgrounds to create something fresh but yet classic with catchy riffs and powerful melodies.

In order to get this project started, Zo had a challenging task ahead of him. Trying to find like minded musicians to join forces in this new project in the Midwest wasn’t easy, but Zo’s determination and burning desire to continue his musical career helped him to complete the task.

The first to join the fold was old friend Tim Cummings in the drums (Ex-DARK MIRROR). He has been keeping active for some time with a local cover band. After being asked by Zo his response to join UNITY was automatic. The next step was to find a talented guitarist that could satisfy UNITY’s musical direction, Zo’s melodies and musical ideas. This individual had to have the ability to recreate the melodies in Zo’s head. Zo found Yasko Kajtazovic, a local musician that had moved into the States a little over three years ago from Bosnia. He had been playing in a cover band named YUGOSLAVIA. Yasko accepted to become part of this project. After rehearsing for several months the chemistry of these three individuals grew beyond limits and several songs were the outcome of dedication and great musicianship. But the line-up wasn’t completed yet, they needed a bass player talented enough to keep up with Yasko intricate melodies and riffs. After trying out several individuals, they finally found what they were looking for; Adam Amdor (Ex-DIVIDE ZERO) was the last piece of the puzzle. UNITY is now ready to take the Midwest by a storm and show the true meaning of Heavy Metal to the people around these plains.

The debut “Reborn” comes right out of the nothing and ties directly on where Alonso stopped with DARK MIRROR. The album has ten songs of pure true traditional heavy metal which should be loved by fans of bands like DIO, IRON MAIDEN and the likes. The artwork was done by Markus Vesper following Zo’s vision and the portrayal bears reference to the songs.

The outfit is a young and promising band giving us a first sign of life with a good chance for a good and long career. In the eighties they surely had been at the top of the US metal movement. Today it is even more difficult to catch attraction among all those bands and different styles of metal out there. So give them the chance they deserve!

“Reborn” hopefully will be the first effort in a long series of great releases. UNITY are promising giving a true metal head all he desires. Great guitars, top-notch compositions, various high pitch vocals…all in all a great band with a strong metal album! Check out the album and watch them at their recent shows when you are from the midwest of the USA and all other people from around the world invite them to your country to see them live!

Releases on / Veröffentlichungen auf KILLER METAL RECORDS:

1) Reborn (December 2011): 12 €