actual line-up:

Biff – vocals, guitars
Minimee – guitars
Johnson – bass
Hansen – drums


A BAND NAME · A PROMISE: The return to merciless Thrash Metal!

Total Violence carry sound and untamed energy from the high peak of the first wave of  thrash metal unto a new level. The band serves with an unspent attitude and a rampant live performance the old guard of metal fans as well as the regrowing generation of thrash metal fans.

In the first place Total Violence see themselves as a live band! The interaction between band and audience has priority. In wides sections of the country as well as abroad the band played shows with bands like MASTER, NOCTURNAL, SUICIDAL ANGELS, SINISTER among others. You could see them on festivals like Metal Bash or Mosh im Mai as well as on tour e.g. with  DUST BOLT.

Violence is the way of life!             A statement . the debut . a album of total violence!

With nine fresh tracks ranging from high speed thrashers as “Disease Disorder Death” to tons weighing tracks like ¨Trapped In The Moment Of Death¨ the debut sounds new and multifarious without giving the listener any chance to take a breath. The band already is a solid part in the underground! Mark this well – Total Violence!


1) Violence is the way of life! CD (September 2016)