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TAIPAN (Australia)

actual line-up:

Emilio Sarpa – vocals, bass, rhythm guitars

Frank Degennaro – drums

David Zerafa – vocals, lead and rhythm guitars

 Hörprobe / soundfile:


From Melbourne, regarded as one of the pioneers of Heavy Metal in Australia. Formed by school friends, David Zerafa, (Guitar, Vocals), Emilio Sarpa, (Bass ,Vocals), and Frank Degennaro, (Drums). They first released the “Breakout” EP in 1981 which is a very rare and highly sought after collectors gem by this time. Gaining interest with the NWOBHM, the 4 track 7” single was finally released as a 12” in England and distributed throughout Europe. TAIPANs Metal from the land of OZ stood up well alongside other new British acts and fully justified its debut UK release. Some of the fastest and heaviest slices of metal to come out of Australia, TAIPAN also threw in the attitudes of Punk Rock and early Thrash exploration. The EP was a pure high energy heavy metal record with brilliant songs and belongs to some connoiseurs of the genre among the best heavy metal records ever. (I confess myself! – The author!)

TAIPAN continued their quest over the following years, with countless live shows and recordings. Following the departure of guitarist Chuck Vandenbelt at the end of 1982,the band emerged with a new, more progressive rock style. With the addition of Tony Tralongo, (Guitar & Guitar synth) and Rob Tronca (Keyboards), this lineup recorded the 5 track mini LP “1770”. TAIPAN soldiered on gigging and writing, until finally officially disbanding in 1987. Members pursued other projects, but the original founding members remained in contact and overtime recorded various demos, keeping the undergrounds spirit of TAIPAN alive. Even today the early releases are well sought after, so the time was right to reform and begin recording some new material as well as re-recording some of the old favorites. They released the “Stonewitch” album in 2007 and the “Flamethrower” album in 2010. With the advent of social media, such as Myspace, Facebook, and Reverbnation, TAIPAN began to reach new audiences. A deal with Killer Metal Records was signed in 2011. With the sound getting even darker and heavier, and with the return of the original line up, we once again feel the force of the chemistry that is “TAIPAN”. The snake had bitten again! TAIPAN were back!

The band’s material was mostly available in Australia, in Europe you could hardly buy it and many people do not know that the Australians had released something after their EP. Besides that Speed and Thrash dominated the later years of the Eighties and most heavy metal fans simply lost sight of TAIPAN. With the “Snakes” album lost ground should be made up. “Snakes”, which is a compilation of the “Stonewitch” and “Flamethrower” albums in a new attractive packing. is mainly for the European market (but for the rest of the world as well), the both self-released outputs also did not have a distribution behind them und this might be reasons enough for the album. Hence they follow a good Australian tradition since the Australian forefathers of AC/DC did this already in 1976 in a very similar way. The band TAIPAN is connected for most fans with the visual effect of the green cover of the aforesaid TAIPAN 1981 EP. For that reason we decided to bridge with a corresponding cover to the year 2011.

TAIPAN offer traditional Heavy Metal on their new album, dark, gloomy without hunting catchy melodies but causing moods motivating the listener diving deep in! Many changes in tempo are cribbing the varying material. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Releases on / Veröffentlichungen auf KILLER METAL RECORDS:

1) Snakes CD (18. November 2011) 12 €

2) Metal Machine (26.April 2013) 12 €