actual line-up:

John Cason – vocals

Sven Boege – guitars

Martin Zellmer – drums

RITUAL STEEL are the baby of drummer Martin Zellmer. In the middle of the nineties when he was still with RED/FIRE/RAIN (and with which he published 2 CDs) he had the idea to found a band which is absolutely different as everything what had come out up to now from Germany in Heavy Metal. Only in the middle of 2001 he had the first line up together and already recorded after a few weeks the first single (Orchid queen / Liquid steel) which was published then on the North German label Metal Supremacy in the end of 2001.

Two albums (“A hell of a knight”/2002 and “Blitz invasion”/2004) followed in slightly changed occupations as well as four other single publications in the years 2002 to 2005. Also live the band got great resonances at various festivals as for example the HOA or with gigs with bands like Twisted Tower Dire, The Weird Slough Sweeping, Vortex or Sacred Steel! During this time Martin Zellmer also recorded with Z-IRON a Split LP as well as an 10″ with ISEN TORR! However, shortly after the publication of this 10” Martin decided immediately to get out of this project, because he could not identify with the political statement of that band.

In the end of 2004 the musicians of RITUAL STEEL decided to go separate ways in future! Because drummer Martin Zellmer wanted to become more professional, the remaining four continued under another name, while Martin started to search for new comrades-in-arms! Now Martin has a line-up together which is better than ever before! From IVORY TOWER are Sven Böge who takes over now solely the guitar work as well as Stefan Ikert on bass with RITUAL STEEL, the American singer John Cason (EXILED) completes the band.

The band documents a fulminating fresh start with the new single “Knights of steel”! RITUAL STEEL present themselves stronger and more professional than ever before! They picked out the strengths of the present creating in the songwriting and developed it further. By the combination of the sole songwriter Zellmer with the technically substantially more experienced new comusicians RITUAL STEEL has not least matured and are on the jump on the top of traditional Heavy Metal in Germany. Besides, the band now at all does not sound so German. A blind test would not give a hint on the origin. RITUAL STEEL prove international class.

Recording of the new album “Invincible warriors” took more time than expected. But the waiting has been worthwhile. End of May 2007 as CD released on Karthago Records and as LP with completely different artwork and bonus track “144.000 gone” from the US legend AGENT STEEL since 13.06.2007 also available on KILLER METAL RECORDS

RITUAL STEEL look backwards in the best years of HEAVY METAL – compositional as well as from the production and putting a contrast to the overproduced bombast-trigger-recordings of the new millenium. Titles as “Raiders from space” already count to the classics of the band. Besides this are songs as the unusual “The witch”, with “Che” an ultra-long song on the well known revolutionary or the crisp catchy “Cant stop rockin'”. Reading the lyrics you inevitabely notice Zellmer is telling from his life here. The cover-artworks were painted again by the Spanish artist Vicente Feijoo by wishes of the bandleader.

2008 they played with a substitutive singer on the festivals “ Ragers Elite” and “Swordbrothers”! 2010 Zellmer did an album with STEEL MAID. feat. ex-RITUAL STEEL – guitarist Dirk Johannsen and US singer Al Firicano (RAVAGE)! The same year RITUAL STEEL did two brandnew songs for the vinyl sampler “Metal or Death”! Recordings for „Immortal“ needed more time because of Martin founding another band, rejecting it after some time to care for RITUAL STEEL alone and finished finally the already two years lasting recordings for „Immortal“!

The condemned live longer – RITUAL STEEL have done an album which is with nearly 72 minutes playing time not only the longest and most varying one in the band history but also the musically ambitious one. Absolutely Heavy
Metal! Raw! Heavy! Catchy! A gem! RITUAL STEEL are already back in the studio! Because bandleader does not have any other projects you don’t have to wait again six years for a new album! 2013 the band wants to hit the stage
again – bookings are welcome!


1. Knights of steel 7″  (October 2006)   2. Invincible warriors LP (June 2007)

200 copies, greenblue vinyl, 7,– €        100 copies, blue vinyl, SOLD OUT

400 copies, black vinyl, 5,– €                 400 copies, black vinyl, 12,– €

both are handnumbered, limited editions!

3. Immortal CD (May 2013) 12,– €