actual line-up:

A. Machine – vocals/guitar

J. Wolf – bass

Raphael Hehn – drums


Predatory Violence – Predatory Violence – Snipped


Thrash hits our ears for about 25 years by now. Many bands are sounding totally similar, blind listenings would gain no good results identifying the ones who are thrashing there. So how refreshing if a band is outstanding! And beware: If you are too weak for this you better stay away…cause this one is ment to be raw, wild, vicious and rude with a predatory mode of aggression. This is PREDATORY VIOLENCE! “Now the time has come for us to crawl out of the Bavarian sewer system to show this sick society how things really are.” The bands gives clear statements! Like many conspecifics they are in a part of their work rigorously sociocritical, like in the title song “Hate Nation” e.g.! Founded in November 2005 by A. Machine (guitar and vokills) in South Bavaria (Germany), B.B. Chickz (drums), Mr. Chris (lead guitar) and J. Wolf (bass) decided to play asskickin’ Thrash Metal which is celebrated like a hurricane of stone…bad to the bone! No ballads! No clean sounds!


In 2006 they began to take over their home area gig after gig. Soon they found themselves sharing a stage with the British old-school thrashers ONSLAUGHT and gigs with German Gothic Metal Masters LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE or Czech Death Metal maniacs PANDEMIA to name a few. . Three demo(n) CDs later PREDATORY VIOLENCE signed with KILLER METAL RECORDS. During spring 2010 PREDATORY VIOLENCE recorded their first official debut “Hate nation”. „Hate Nation“ is a thrash grenade without compromise. This album surely deserves a broader audience! Highlights of the release are the for the bands work representative „Rage, Anger And Hate“, the evil „Slave To My Blade“, the titlesong „Hate Nation“ or the earworm „I Am What I Am“. An absolutely entertaining album for fans of traditional metals as well as for friends of the harder divisions in metal. After many gigs in the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and of course Germany they are ready to take over the rest of Europe. The band will do a lot of gigs right after the release of the CD. Offers are welcome! Booked are already e. g. the METAL BASH festival in May 2011 together with label mates of ANIHILATED. Entertainment is guaranteed, the bands knows how to celecbrate a memorable gig casting the spell on the audience! While the CD was released the band splitted with drummer B. B. Chickz. Finally giving the band the chance to tell us about themselves: “PREDATORY VIOLENCE are four natural born asskickers without a trace of mery. Outrageous motherfuckers on their way to hell! A predatory hunt for the perfect fuck and nothing can stop them. Prepare yourself, open your mind, wet your lips and enjoy this ride straight to hell!!!

In March 2012 the band played Turin/Italien followed by a tour supporting NWOBHM-legends DIAMOND HEAD through Europe. In January/February 2013 PREDATORY VIOLENCE are special guest for another legendary NWOBHM-outfit: RAVEN!

“Our society is a disease…

…it’s time to meet the cure”

Supporting RAVEN 2013 h


1) Hate nation CD 12,– €


2) Marked for death CD 12,– €