actual line-up:

Amanda Kiernan – vocals

John Simon Fallon – guitars

John Saturlay – guitars

Barrett Klesko – bass

Timothy Prevost – drums

 Hörprobe / soundfile:


Sex Witch EP Promo


THE ORDER OF CHAOS hail from Canada and are fronted by Amanda Kiernan- so at least all of you out there loving female vocals in Metal should check this Canadian metal machine! The five piece band has its roots deep in Metal but suddenly the band erupts into a storm of Thrash while Amanda weeps, screeches, croaks and growls…inhuman sounds coming from her lungs letting shivers running down your spine! Their debut of 2009 is an impressive work of how true and honest Metal nowadays should sound, transfering the typical criterions of Metal set by the gods of this style of music in the 70ies and 80ies years of the last century. THE ORDER OF CHAOS show how a band nowadays can be like without sounding old-fashioned, outdated or bone-dry, without committing treason to Metal itself. In 2009, THE ORDER OF CHAOS completed its first professionally produced full-length album with Kevin Hoskin at Beta Sound Studios in Edmonton, Alberta. The self-titled album was co-produced and mixed by Bill Kennedy, a recording industry legend who has worked with Megadeth, Testament, and Nine Inch Nails. Mastering was completed by Tom Baker in California who has worked with hundreds of well known bands ranging from classic rock icons such as Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, to heavy metal gods Judas Priest and Mötley Crüe.The album was released on June 5th, 2009 in front of more than 300 fans, thus reinforcing the bands status as one of Edmonton’s most well respected hard rock performers.2011 the follow-up album “Burn these dreams” was presented which put together a bunch of a outstanding songs like the incredible “Chaos in Cairo”, the earworm “For another moment”, the long and awesome “Dark lord” or “A torturer’s apprentice”. Two years later the vinyl 7” “Sexwitch / Victim of circumstance” saw the light of day. You find different versions of these two great songs on the third album “Apocalpyse moon”. Bass players rotated over the years: Sterling Burrows, Ryan King (2012 tour), Duncan Hickerty (2013 tour) and now Barrett Klesko.



A band needs a fantastic singer – THE ORDER OF CHAOS have one with the equally enchanting as well as talented Amanda! Her voice covers all moods and shades in metal – she sings like a fay, roars like a beast and wails like a whore. The new album “Apocalypse moon” has fantastic songs like the astonishing “The devil that you know”, the earworm “Sexwitch” or “Victim of circumstance”, accompanied by a bunch of great songs – what an album! The band toured Canada up and down, they have been working their way through clubs and bars in Western Canada since 2003. They toured Europe 2012 and 2013 together with HELSTAR and VICIOUS RUMORS, back to Europe they are for the third time in November/December 2015. Live they kill and made it hard for many a headliner to hit the stage after them.

Veröffentlichungen auf KILLER METAL RECORDS:

1) Burn these dreams CD (June 2011)

2) Sexwitch 7″ (August 2012, 100 copies grey vinyl / 400 copies black vinyl)

3) Apocalypse moon (November 2015)

CD031 600x600