aktuelle Besetzung / actual line-up:

Stefan “The Animal” Sadzio – vocals
A.M. Draude – guitars
Christoph “Mr. Steel” Mielicki – guitars
Dirk “Käptn” Schröder – bass
Marian ” Das Eisen” Walczyk – drums

Musik / music MP3:

Bringer of evil 01_Titel


First just to be meant as a project Stefan Sadzio and Ansgar Draude joined in Bramsche to record the first common songs “Burn In Hell”, “Demon”, “Devil Of The Night” and “Boygrouphunter” in December 2001/January 2002 as a selfproduced 4-track-demo. Draude played all instruments. Convinced by the result they decided to set up a fix line-up for any live activities. Christoph Mielicki and afterwards Dirk Schröder as well as Stefan Hoffmann completed in the course of the next one and a half years the band, so that after the first common test in August, 2003 on 4.10.2003 the first appearance could be finished in the Jugendzentrum Alte Webschule in Bramsche. Besides the four above mentioned songs they played cover songs from Judas Priest, Metallica, Saxon and Accept. In the next month the band took part at a regional talent competition (“Rock in der Region“). Afterwards Draude and Sadzio proceeded back in the home cellar to take up instrumental versions of the new songs “Heavy Fucking Metal”, “Legions Of Death” and “Lonesome Warrior”. 2004 held ready immediately two highlights for the young band: In August the first gig took place at the Oldenburg city party under free sky before a bigger audience what could be topped only by the appearance as support for Tankard in September in the Jugendzentrum Alte Webschule.

In May, 2005 the band boarded the Trollheim Studio of Sven Sievering in Osnabrück to begin the recordings for a planned 5-Track-EP which should contain the songs “Boygrouphunter”, “Demon”, “Heavy Fucking Metal”, “Legions Of Death (March Of Destruction)” and “Lonesome Warrior”. In July METALHEAD played because of the received positive criticism of her live gigs (Oldenburger Stadtfest!!!) the “Thrash til Death” festival in Wolfenbüttel together with both US legends Attacker and Heathen. The common presentation of ACCEPT’s “Balls To The Wall” together with Bob Mitchell of Attacker counts to a young band like METALHEAD as an absolute climax of the present creating. Also in 2005 the band again let blow the traditional flag of Heavy Metal in the city party in Oldenburg and persuaded a thick-packed human grape in the Oldenburg city centre to her program which was fortified this time with a row of cover versions from the era of the NWOBHM. From October, 2005 to March, 2006 the band finished the recordings for the debut single.

METALHEAD are young, unconcerned and obliged the tradition. With the melodies of the heroes in the heart they bring back recollections of the brilliant actions of the Heavy Metal in the late seventy-year-olds as well as the early eighty-year-old. Riff-stressed, with stress of the composition on “song”, without big technical games or ballast like keyboards, the boys perpetuated three tracks which go stylistically in the direction of Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manowar or Mercyful Fate.

The band plays in such a way as it many fans of the genre also love even today, without currying favour to the modern age, without stylistic hotchpotch. No studio-technical bombast dominate the work, but the band places calculated on a reduction on the essentials: good Heavy Metal songs in her purest form! The expert bows to this technical skill which has fallen into oblivion today either or is not simply controlled any more. The material burns itself firmly and the originally for 2007 announced debut CD does nit like to leave the CD player. But the band changed the drummer, played a great gig on SWORDRBROTHERS Festival in 2008 to return to the studio working on their debut CD. Songs like “Bringer of evil” which was played live at the above festival, also spreaded as Promo-CD there, “Mistress of the storm” or the brilliant “Awakening of thunder” present METALHEAD in their best and very own form and show how traditional has to sound like: stylistically confident, clear, catchy, neckbreaking!


1. Demon 7″ (June 2006) handnumbered

100 copies, blue vinyl, 7,– €
100 copies, clear vinyl, 7,– €
800 copies, black vinyl, 5,– €

2. Metalhead CD 12,– €