METAL- OR DEATH-Compilation


All metalheads from the early eighties know compilations like MOOSE MOLTEN, METAL STORM or METAL FOR MUTHAS but the most famous surely was the METAL MASSACRE, series. Compilations do not have the importance nowadays anymore as they had back in those days. But they are still are superb possibilty to facilitate young bands! And even for you – would you like to buy six 7″-vinyl singles or one sampler?  You save money buying a sampler and checking all these young and promising bands out!

A sampler should make sense and not leading into buying things twice. Because of that KILLER METAL RECORDS laid emphasis on offering previously unreleased stuff!

Do you love traditional Heavy Metal ? You hate Black, Death, Grind, New Metal ?

So here we are – METAL OR DEATH! From the underground – from the very depths of Metal: six great Metal bands! Maybe you’ve heard some names:

RITUAL STEEL: two new recordings again with John Cason on the mic and a cover version of “The enforcer” of the British AVENGER

FINAL STAGE: an excerpt of the first effort of the Canadian true metallers

DARK MIRROR: an excerpt of the “Portrait of evil”-album of this new force in US Metal!

LONEWOLF: two songs from the recording sessions of “The dark crusade” which did not made it on the album but are as great as the entire album

AFTER ALL: Thrash from Belgium – two songs with new singer

RAVEN BLACK NIGHT: Doom Metal from Australia – two new songs

How does this sound: The Viking, The Enforcer, The Heretic, In the night, Red Carpet, Karma, Beyond the grave, Iron religion, Betrayed by the gods, My own sacrifice, Metal mytar, Lips of desire?

Great songs – could it be more Metal?!?


1) Vol. I LP (September 2010) 12,– €

500 copies, handnumbered, black vinyl, 12,– €