aktuelle Besetzung / actual line-up:

Jim Petkoff (guitars/vocals)

Tom Petkoff (bass/vocals)

Joe Toscano (drums)

Musik / music MP3:

 THE LOVING TONGUE Temple of love 01_Titel

THE LOVING TONGUE story started in late 1989 when brothers Jim Petkoff (also active in RAVEN BLACK NIGHT) and Tom Petkoff decided to form a hard blues/rock band, playing songs from CREAM, JIMI HENDRIX, DEEP PUPRLE, LED ZEPPELIN, STEVIE RAY VAUGHN, MUDDY WATERS and many more. With drummer Paul Deeble they played Adelaide’s south Australia’s pubs and clubs getting a fearsome reputation for high energy blues rock till 1993 with Paul before left to travel. When he returned it was decided to form a hard rock / pschcadellic band playing the songs they had written so in 1994. THE LOVING TONGUE was born. The band released in 1995 “Is anyone listening” what got great reviews in Australia’s underground original scene the CD was a mesh of hard rock, funk, blues, metal and psychcadelic,with some interest from Europe and South America. In 1997 the band released CD “Sea of lights”, a more hard funk affair, this led to further interest in America with tracks played on alternative radio followed by doing a short west coast tour of America with Christian Jones on drums. The tour was cut short due to fiancés. When the band returned Jim and Tom changed direction of the band to a epic hard rock/metal prog sound, they again recorded with Paul Deeble making a double CD called “Distant dreams” released in 2005 which was a journey into hard rock/metal and beyond the band recieved fantastic reviews and sales from hard rock and metals underground scene in Europe, Australia and America. In 2007 Jim and Tom performed some THE LOVING TONGUE material across Germany at “Hells Pleasure” and “Hard And Heavy Summer Nights Festivals” to fantastic responses from the audience.The band also played many metal festivals in their home land of Australia gaining much respect with their heart felt sound of old school hard rock/metal building the band a cult following from gigging and touring. In 2009 THE LOVING TONGUE released “Shadows of innocence” with Joe Toscano on drums there heaviest release with a true metal hard rock sound with elements of power / doom / progressive and heart felt hard rock/metal with soaring vocals and blazing guitars gaining many great reviews from Europe, America and Australia.The brothers have been writing material for a follow up album Jim is also lead singer / guitarist in doom/metal band RAVEN BLACK NIGHT. 2012 sees the release of “Temple of love” from metal label KILLER METAL RECORDS to spread the word of the tongue further in Europe and beyond. THE LOVING TONGUE respects the past and aims to create the future.

Past albums warden only released in Australia by the band itself, in Europe the band is besides the underground not well-know. It would be a shame giving these songs not to a broader audience. KILLER METAL RECORDS decided remastering ten songs off he last two records and releasing them with new cover and layout as well promoting it with a focus on Europe. Catchy hard rock/metal with a touch of folk and originally 70ies hard rock sound will enchant you in nearly one hour playing time!


1) Temple of love (May 2012): 12 €