actual line-up:

Fang von Wrathenstein – vocals
  Asian Metal – guitars
  Killius Maximus – guitars
Pontifex Mortis – bass
Dr. Dante Vitus – drums


“Shattered skies”



LORDS OF THE TRIDENT started out as a recording project in the University of Wisconsin Madison dorm rooms around 2005. Roommates Ty Christian (Fang VonWrathenstein) & Akira Shimada (Asian Metal) teamed up with a mutual friend, Brian Cole (The Socrates of Shred), to create recordings to post on facebook. Originally, they had planned to keep the band a recording-only project, but in the summer of 2008, Ty’s other band broke up and Ty, Brian, and Aki decided to play a few shows over the summer as the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT. Ty had the idea to make the show a spectacle, with costumes, stage names, and pyrotechnics. They found a drummer, Dan Metzker (Danalog) and bassist, Mike Charlton (Captain Bloodbeard), and set up a few shows around the area. Dan was fired from the band after a few shows, and was replaced with Corey Larson (Korgoth). Using the recordings they had put together in the dorm room, along with a few recently recorded songs, they planned for a small album release party. After their first few shows, word spread, and the „Death or Sandwich“ CD release party completely packed The Frequency in Madison, WI. At the time of the CD release (2/13/09), this was the 2nd biggest crowd that the Frequency had ever seen. Originally, the Lords planned to disband after the summer was over. However, due to the incredible response, they decided to continue. Brian left the band to pursue his master’s degree in genetics, and soon after, the band found a replacement – Elliot Ignasiak (Killius Maximus). The Lords continued playing shows, expanding their fan base, and writing new material. Mike left the band in early 2010 for personal reasons and was replaced by Brent Clark (Pontifex Mortis). In January of 2011, „Chains on Fire“ was released to fantastic reviews. In 2012, Corey left the band and was replaced by Wade Schultz (Sledge Garrotte). After regional touring and opening for bands such as CAGE, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, SKELETONWITCH, FUEL, SALIVA, and indie megaband OF MONTREAL, the Lords teamed up with legendary producers Doug Olson and Martin Atkins to produce „Plan of Attack“. Thanks to the expert engineering and slick production, „Plan of Attack“ was received even better than „Chains on Fire“. Near the end of 2013, the Lords released their 4th album, an EP of Christmas songs entitled „A Very Lords of the Trident Christmas“. Afterwards, Wade was fired from the band for personal reasons. He was replaced by their roadie and drum technician from the 2013 tour, Joe Scarpelli III (Dr. Dante Vitus). 2014 found the Lords touring again – this time successfully (2013 the van broke down and baffled the pivotal headlining show of the tour) – and recording their 5th album, „Frostburn“. Once again, the Lords teamed up with Doug Olson. In late 2014, the awesome Lords signed with KILLER METAL RECORDS.


LOTT 2014 - Group photo 1

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT show it is still possible to write great classis heavy metal songs. With costumes, their humoristic presentation (see website) and a high energetic live show they entertain their fans highly! They belong to the best newcomers in traditonal heavy metal for sure! It’s time to reach a wider audience and 2015 is the year! With their fifth release „Frostburn“ for the first time a CD of the band is released outside the US. The band feels at home in the Eighties und they play their heavy metal loved by the fans at that time! All into classic heavy metal since the 1980ies should check out this album!


1) Frostburn (February 2015) CD

LOTT 600x600