actual line-up:

Steve Seniuk – vocals

James Dipinto – guitar

John Cruppe – guitar

Bob Embury – bass

Frankie Quaggs – drums


“Crawling out of hell” gonna to be released  May,30th 2014!

32 pages booklet – 20 songs

FALLEN ANGEL hails from Upstate New York and is hard at work writing and recording their three part epic saga. Their bold effort to combine works of fiction, incredible artwork, and intense musical compositions is nothing short of remarkable, not to mention uncharted territory in the music industry. Their plan to release a trilogy of CDs based on and accompanied by a trilogy of novels written by lead guitarist and band founder John Cruppe, is truly the first of it’s kind. While it is true that many other artists have released conceptual albums with great artwork in the past, this is the first time it has been done in trilogy format and based on actual works of fiction. The band’s image and live performances helps to take their conceptual idea to new heights as each member of the band portrays a villain from the storyline in full costume on stage. The band currently is comprised of John Cruppe on lead guitar, James Dipinto on lead guitar, Steve Seniuk on lead vocals, Bob Embury on bass, and Frankie Quaggs on drums. Part one of the FALLEN ANGEL project took close to three years to complete and is entitled “Crawling Out of Hell”. The band is currently writing and recording part two of their saga, which will be entitled “Cast Out of Heaven,” All twenty tracks from the band’s debut album are featured on the popular video game “Rock Band,” and fans can go to Rock Band’s buying platform to learn more about the band and sample some of their music for gaming. Cruppe states that the links between the music, the lyrics, the artwork, and the novels truly helps to create an enormous landscape for his characters, and the band is always striving to give the fans that “something extra” with one of their releases.You get the audio book directly from the author.

“Crawling out of hell” was released in 2010 by the band independently and has sold 2000 copies. Tehre are some more fans out there so we decided to sign the band and to re-release the album. This is a fantastic heavy metal album with an US-American charakter. Because the sceond album “Cast Out of Heaven” is planned for 2014 now all fans worldwide are able to enjoy the debut album.



1.) Crawling out of hell (May 2014) CD 12,– €

FALLEN ANGEL Crawling out of hell CD