actual line-up:

Adam Neal – voc

Hugo Conim – guitar


DRAGON’S KISS is a new project of Hugo Conim (DAWNRIDER, SONS OF MISFORTUNE, LEATHER SYNN, etc…) along with Adam Neal (HOOKERS, BROTHERS OF CONQUEST, BLADE OF THE RIPPER, etc…) and a few more guest musicians as Rafael Maia (V12), Pedro Pita and Paulo Vieira.

THE HOOKERS are from Kentucky, USA and release albums since 1998. One of the most important one is “Blood over Germany”on Century Media Records from 2001. DAWNRIDER are a band from Portugal founded 2004 and started to release records in 2005.

The debut single (7”) with two songs was released in December 2013. The B-Side is not on the debut album.

DRAGON’S KISS do the unpolished way of heavy metal. Snotty, rough and with high energy the songs sparkling out of the speakers. They are looking back at the seventies and eighties and so their own blend of catchy stunners originate. Two cover versions were taken on the album: „Somewhere up in the mountains“, originally by the NWOBHM-band MARQUIS DE SADE and „Rock’n’Roll soldiers“ by THE NEW ORDER, the band of Ron Asheton (STOOGES). A band like MOTÖRHEAD enthralled countless metal fans in the past. DRAGON’S KISS do have the same potential and just waiting for being discovered!

The band starts with a CD-release show on 31/5/2014 followed by some gigs in Portugal.



1.) Barbarians of the wasteland (May 2014) CD 12,– €

dragons kiss 600 x 600