actual line-up:

Tristan Lineker – vocals, guitars
Henry Brooks – guitars
Adz Lineker – bass
Johnny Mo – drums


Henry Brooks – guitars / Tristan Lineker – vocals/guitar / Johnny Mo – drums / Adz Lineker – bass from left to right 

Originally forged in the East Midlands of England, now established in London, DETHONATOR are an exciting, four-piece Heavy Metal band. Starting out as young teenagers in the summer of 2002, DETHONATOR have honed their craft over a decade and a half of gigs and tours, demos and self releases, line-up and even name changes to become what they are today. Having earned a formidable reputation for their hi-octane, exhilarating live performances and their immediate, anthemic songs, DETHONATOR’s fan base has been steadily growing in the capital. After 2013’s full length album, ‘Return To Damnation’ and 2014’s E.P, ‘Monuments to Dead Gods’, DETHONATOR now reissue their self titled first album, remixed and partially rerecorded by the current line-up. This eponymous release features many of their most popular songs, such as ‘Harbinger’, ‘Shadows’ and ‘In The Place of The Skull’; all regular staples in their live shows over the last few years. There is more yet to come in the immediate future, as the band will be entering the studio again to record their most ambitious album yet in 2017.

DETHONATOR gig regularly in the U.K. and have undertaken ventures into Europe to play short tours and festivals. In 2014, the band enjoyed a spot on the line-up at Germany’s “Steel Meets Steel” Festival. In their time on the road and around the venues, DETHONATOR have had the privilege of supporting artists such as KOBRA AND THE LOTUSs, U.F.O., TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS, SACRED MOTHER TONGUE, ONSLAUGHT, ORDEN OGAN, BLAZE BAYLEY and FURYON, as well as many other reputable bands in the British underground.

The story of the debut album “Dethonator” is a curious one. Originally, the album should have been released by a label of reputation.  A lot of things were planned, the band stood in the starting blocks…but it all turned out differently.  Before the band knew it, she stood with the donkey cap in the corner.  This was followed by years of releases in self-government before they again forged the fire in 2016 with KILLER METAL RECORDS. And so the album got new vocal tracks from the current singer, and was remixed and remastered for its long awaited resurrection in 2017.

DETHONATOR keep good faith with the old traditions of the island, and the heroes who raised hell there 30 years ago. So they indulge in good, old heavy metal, but they do not give up the possibility of modernity. Bassist Adz unleashes the occasional growl in the compositions, which forms a successful counterpart to the melodic singing of Tris. Journalists without expert knowledge will find the band in the Death Metal corner, which equals total idiocy. Rather, all disciples of IRON MAIDEN as well as related artists should check the band urgently!











1) Dethonator CD (February 2017):