DARK MIRROR was formed in the winter of 2005. The DARK MIRROR story starts with Marco and Eric back in the late 90’s. Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa (United States) these two young metal heads attempting to start a band with qualities and sound that they had never seen live in their area. Their former bands went through many different line up’s and try outs in search of the right members to form such a group. Time to attend college came and in 2004, Marco moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa and Eric moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. During Marco’s freshmen year in college he met Alonso Donoso. Marco and Alonso both hosted radio shows at the University radio station and they connected on their shared admiration of heavy music. Alonso had once fronted an IRON MAIDEN tribute band in his home country of Chile. Marco showed Alonso some tapes that he and Eric had recorded in the past. Marco saw this as the perfect opportunity to form the band that he always wanted. DARK MIRROR then was formed and their first line up was: Alonso in vocals, Eric in guitars, Marco in bass and A.J. in drums. After rehearsing and playing minimal amounts of shows, the band decided to record a demo. The recording took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The four track recording entitled “Dark Mirror” sold over 500 copies not only in the Midwest but also got a great attention from distributors all over Europe, especially Germany. In mid 2005, A.J. decided to leave the band due to personal reasons and Tim Cummings stepped in to fill in the spot. Tim was a talented and experienced drummer from Waterloo, Iowa. Tim gave DARK MIRROR a more unique sound and this got them closer to the Metal sound the band was looking for. In early 2007, DARK MIRROR enters the studio to record and self-produce/release their first full length entitled “Visions of Pain”. With this release, DARK MIRROR was able to break-through to the International Metal Community without help from a record label or distributor, becoming one of the most successful bands in the local scene. DARK MIRROR’s “Visions of Pain” has sold over 1,000 copies world wide. This release was distributed in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Japan. In 2008 and trying to gain the attention from a label, DARK MIRROR enters the studio again to record a four track CD-E.P. entitled “Immortalized”. This recording ends a musical chapter in DARK MIRROR’s career as some changes occur in the band.

In mid 2008, Tim and Eric decided to leave the band. These events put founding members Marco and Alonso at a crossroads. The band found itself at all time morale low and made it hard to keep moving forward. Marco searched all over the place for the right drummer to fit the spot, finding Clint Blomker from Humboldt, Iowa. Marco and Clint relocated to Des Moines, Iowa and later on Blitz Creagan joined the fold. DARK MIRROR has made a name for itself as they have played with some great national and international acts such as EXODUS, OVERKILL, INTO ETERNITY, AFTER FOREVER, VADER, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, SKELETONWITCH amongst others. They also had the honor of being part of one of the side stages for MEGADETH. DARK MIRROR could not be happier with the fan base they have acquired in their hometown, the Midwest and neighboring states as well as overseas in Europe, South America and Japan. They are ready to take it to the next level and amplify their sound to bigger audiences. Their sound is unique and they are forging a new path for the Heavy Metal world of music. DARK MIRROR embarked on a sole mission: “Show everyone that Heavy Metal is still strong.” They do not follow any so called musical trends such as, nu metal, hardcore or metal core, they are dedicated to do what they do best: “Play fast and loud.” DARK MIRROR’s musical influences are all across the Metal genre. Musical inspirations are borrowed from early Metal movements such as NWOBHM and Thrash, to more recent styles such as Power and Progressive Metal. DARK MIRROR has something for everyone that loves Metal. You can hear bands like IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ANTHRAX, METALLICA, MEGADETH, DEATH, SYMPHONY X, KING DIAMOND, HELLOWEEN and DIO in DARK MIRROR’s music.

Being one of a few remaining bands which are still infected by the old classical Heavy Metal virus DARK MIRROR perfectly fit in the line of KILLER METAL RECORDS and we decided to rerelease “Visions of pain” now! The album was provided with a completely new layout and we also added the four demo tracks from 2005 on the CD. The vinyl LP version has teh same artwork but will be layouted differently. Despite the album in the 2007-edition already sold 1000 copies – there are enough Metalheads out there who do not know the stuff yet and surely will love it!

Singer Alonso Donoso left DARK MIRROR in October 2010 and founfed together with ex-DARK MIRROR-drummer Tim Cummings a new band called UNITY.


1.) Visions of pain (June 2009)                 2.) Portrait of evil (October 2009)

CD 12,– €                                                           CD 12,– €

LP (handnumbered):
200 red vinyl 15,– €
300 black vinyl 12,– €