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Nowadays they grunt, slog, drub and thrash without mercy! The whole rubbish – nuts to you, just piss off, the lot of you! Hey,  I am  stubborn,  obstinate, old-fashioned, bone-headed and proud of it! Good music just good music and shit is shit!

What is called music nowadays or is being affixed the stamp “heavy metal” is far away from what I call heavy metal! Senseless  belching and grunting to me is no heavy metal but just senseless belching and grunting so call it like this!

Music to me is old school heavy metal, music has to transport emotions, must have melody lines and shoots right into the brain! A lot of old bands were masters in doing this! Bands like RIOT or ANVIL rankend among them and right „Unfinished business“ just reminds here and there on these bands. CYANIDE SCREAM have picked up a grain of these godfathers in Metal but do sound autunomous and recognizeable. Fourteen songs  of pure old school US metal are on the album with its roots also in the european school of heavy metal respectively the NWOBHM. Check out killer-songs like „Now Or Never“, „Already Gone“ or „The Story Of My Life“!

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1) Unfinished business (June 2011):12 €