actual line up:

Sean Buchanan – Vocals

Nicky Nixon – Guitars

Bill Fischer – Guitars

James McCracken – Guitars

Ry Eshelman – bass

Doza – Drums




Remember the times when heavy metal was supposed to be fun? COLOSSUS does, and they’ve made it their mission to make sure that you don’t ever forget. COLOSSUS draws heavily on the mighty lineage of bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON and the rest of the early 80’s metal legends. COLOSSUS fuses humor, epic songwriting and face-melting guitars into a sound that sets them apart from all their contemporaries. The band’s 2007 release “Colossus…and the Rift of the Pan-dimensional Under-gods” has been called “an out and out guitar-freak-out album” and showcases the band’s broad appreciation of musical styles and humorous attitude toward all things, including themselves and their music. The members of COLOSSUS bring together a resume of former projects that reads like a who’s-who of central North Carolina’s punk and metal scene from the last decade. The band’s current line-up features members of such legendary NC bands as The Scaries, Alli With an I, Amish Jihad, and The Manhattan Project. Formed from the ashes of the instrumental 2-piece, Perrosmith, founding members Nicky Nixon (guitar) and Ben Smith (drums) were joined by Sean Buchanan (vocals), Taylor Lauritson(guitar), and Rylan Wilshire-Eschelman to give rise to the first incarnation of COLOSSUS. Taylor moved to Britain for school and was replaced by current guitarist Bill Fischer. After being accepted to Harvard (yes, that Harvard), Nixon left NC and was replaced by Andy Lewis. But, not to be counted out for long, Nicky still returns from time to time to transform COLOSSUS a six headed heavy metal monster. The band has toured non-stop over the last few years, including stops at Florida ‘s annual heavy metal bonanza, The Fest, in 2008 and South by Southwest in 2008 and 2009. In 2009 the band also released their widely praised EP “Drunk On Blood”. Raleigh NC’s Independent said of the record, ” COLOSSUS oozes talent like a Viking lets blood on a battlefield.” They also recorded the hit single “Sunglasses in Space” for Raleigh’s well received local music compilation “Hear Here”. In 2010 COLOSSUS joins with Killer Metal Records of Germany for a rerelease their first album “The Rift of the Pandimensional Under-gods” with new artwork and packaging to customize the album to a wider audience. The album offers Heavy Metal with a typical early 80ies-US Metal character, carried by powerful and inventive guitars, and lyrics with always a twinkle in the eye. This album is fun und should be loved by all fans of the genre! 2010 also finds COLOSSUS and their new drummer Doza working on material which was released 2012 as …and the Sepulcher of the Mirror Warlocks”.


We summarized both EPs of the band with new artwork and layout for a worldwide release. The album reflects the typical unique sound of the band you find on every single release! Roots somwhere deep in the NWOBHM, borrowings from IRON MAIDEN, they may bring to mind SLOUGH FEG as well. At the end of the day the Americans bring out a fantastic and unique sound which raises one’s hackles. Your CD player is filled for the next days! As soon as the band will be discovered they will enthrall multitudes of fans! This is confirmed by the so far high-class reviews.



1.) …and the rift of the pandimensional under-gods CD (June 2010)

COL 600x600

2.) Drunk on blood – and the sepulcher of the mirror warlocks CD (February 2015)