actual line-up:

Simon E Cobb – Vocals & Bass

Danny B – Guitars

Todd Manning – Guitars (Endorsed by Lag)

Paul Rodwell – Drums (Endorsed by Sonor)




Formed in 1981, ANIHILATED are one of Britain’s first thrash metal bands. They played a vital part in the creation of the crossover genre and influenced the development of the British thrash metal scene. ANIHILATED evolved from their early Punk roots around the same time that Metallica and Slayer were breaking the brand new thrash scene in America. After inclusions on various successful compilation albums, They instinctively turned towards a much faster and metallic sound. Early gigs with their new material bemused their mainly punk audiences, as back then, most people had never seen or heard a thrash band before, and it was first thought that they were selling out. However, the realisation that ANIHILATED had not abandoned their ethics or social conscience, maintained their credibility within the punk community and they retained its full support while they continued to develop their heavier, thrash style.In spring 1984 they finally raised the funds to disappear into the studio for a week and emerged with what became known as the ‘Speedwell Sessions’ which was their first actual release of Punk/Speed Metal/crossover. Positive reviews expanded the bands audience which saw a growing number of Metalheads attending their gigs. After another short period of creative writing, they returned to the studio to record and release their renowned ‘Path To Destruction’ EP, an early example of raw, British, thrash/metal/hardcore.


The EP completely sold out, even knocking Madonna off the number one spot in the East of England record charts.Although their musical style had changed, ANIHILATED chose not to adopt the usual Satanic themes of metal, but decided instead, to express their punk ideals and beliefs of self empowerment and social justice. This set them apart from other bands, and drew followers from both the punk and metal scenes. Their popularity continued to grow, featuring in fanzines/magazines and bootleg recordings around the world, which secured a large international following and cult band status. This, together with a number of high profile gigs, saw ANIHILATED achieve recognition and acknowledgement as one of the forerunners and innovators of Thrash Metal in the UK.Their first full thrash album ‘Created In Hate’, was described in Metal Forces Magazine as “the most important UK Thrash Metal release to date’. The band spent the next year out on the road before returning to the studio to record ‘The Ultimate Desecration”. This was widely regarded as their best studio album and has been deemed by Marquee Records, to be “one of the finest UK Thrash Metal releases ever”. The British economic recession of the early 1990’s saw major record companies swallowing up some of the best British independent record labels whilst others withered and died.


ANIHILATED became a casualty of the carnage and disbanded. ANIHILATED’s international fanbase remained strong over the years. Deep within the underground, the loyal support for ANIHILATED continued. Vinyl copies of ‘Path to Destruction’, ‘Created in Hate’ and the ‘Ultimate Desecration’ albums were traded across the world, cementing the name of ANIHILATED into the hearts of underground thrash metal fans. The digital age arrived and with it the wonders of the internet. ANIHILATED forum pages, fan sites and wish lists appeared, siting ANIHILATED as influences, favourites, and most wanted on CD. Japanese labels ‘In Crust We Thrash’ and ‘Aktiva//Protesta Rekordo’ re-released ‘Path to destruction’ to great critical acclaim, with all pressings selling out. Two years later Chinese label ‘Area Death Productions’ released it again for the Asian market, selling it as a box set with t-shirts and various merchandise. Brazilian Label ‘Marquee Records’ released a run of remastered re-issues of the two full length albums. In the wake of all the positive feedback and relentless pressure from fans, old and new to reform, ANIHILATED are back together again. It was very important for ANIHILATED to retain their old school identity. ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ is true to the old ANIHILATED sound, but has a more stripped down and brutal feel to it than any of their previous releases. The band have no wish to compete with anyone, but are instead, playing to their strengths, refining and focusing their sound towards an all tighter and more explosive delivery. 2011 they played the METAL BASH festival in Germany.

With „Scorched earth policy“ ANIHILATED did their first release for KILLER METAL RECORDS. Three years later the story continues: „iDeviant“ is a strong follow-up having the same trademarks as the before mentioned album. ANIHILATED have done a high energy Thrash Metal album with a bunch of great songs – check them out!


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1) Scorched earth policy CD (May 2010) 12,– €

2) iDeviant CD (September 2013) 12,– €