AFTER ALL (Belgium)

actual line-up:

Sammy Pelemann – vocals
Dries van Damme – guitars
Christophe Depree – guitars
Frederik Vanmassenhove – bass
Kevin Strubbe – drums



Osnabrück/Germany 21.11.2005 photos by Jens Häfner


Since the release of their debut album in 1995, AFTER ALL – hailing from Bruges (Belgium) – have continuously worked on a strong oeuvre, resulting in eight critically acclaimed CD and vinyl releases so far. AFTER ALL’s sound is often described as thrash-laden, contemporary metal. Constant touring has provided the band with a strong live reputation and a cult status in Belgium and Holland.

For the recording of their 5th full length album “The Vermin Breed”, AFTER ALL teamed up again with producer Harris Johns at the Spiderhouse Studio in Berlin. As the new AFTER ALL material has grown faster paced and more thrash oriented since the “Mercury Rising” album, AFTER ALL chose Harris because of his recording experience with such bands as Voivod, Kreator, Helloween and Sepultura. The new record clearly displays the growth of the band, both live and in the studio. That makes “The Vermin Breed” one sheer thrash attack. AFTER ALL signed a multi-album deal with German label Dockyard 1.

line-up on “The vermin breed” and “This violent decline”:


1) The vermin breed LP (March 2005):

500 limitierte Exemplare, handnummeriert, blaues Vinyl! 15,– €
(Erste 50 Exemplare mit 13 x 18 cm Bandphoto, signiert von allen Bandmitgliedern!)

500 strictly limited copies, handnumbered in blue vinyl! 15,– €
(First 50 copies with 13 x 18 cm bandphoto signed by all bandmembers)

2) This violent decline LP (April 2008):

100 limitierte Exemplare, handnummeriert, gelbes Vinyl! 15,– €
400 limitierte Exemplare, handnummeriert, schwarzes Vinyl 12,– €

100 strictly limited copies, handnumbered in yellow vinyl! 15,– €
400 strictly limited copies, handnumbered in black vinyl! 12,– €