KMR_Rund_SuI Hi Heavy Metal Maniacs!

For more than 30 years I listen to the metallic sounds by now, I saw trends coming and going, the Heavy Metal developed itself further, the community and the world has changed, new media present Heavy Metal in a totally new context, but the original form did not die! Traditional HEAVY METAL lives and that is to remain in such a way! Many fans still love the vinyl in this mechanized age, collect and admire their treasures in the domestic disk shelf! In addition also I belong.

KILLER METAL RECORDS would like to bring you well opened, high-quality Vinyl in small editions into your cabinet, to support young, hopeful bands, making the dream of their own vinyl come true but the CD of course as well. Our publications are not dearless assembly-line products together-applauded, but we work with heart blood on as perfect a conversion of each individual product as possible, employ professional commercial artists, layouter and also artists, who please us with their work and which sets the bands work into an appropriate framework! The label is home for bands, which breath and live Metal! Completely directly, as successful the label may be times, for me are the center of attention the fun at the thing, the love for the music and the support of those, me with its musical and artistic works please. It completely particularly fulfills me with joy to publish bands which I offer my full worship. Let me hear your proposals and recommend myself gladly further!

Long live the loud!


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