TESTOR (Poland)



actual line-up:

Tomek “Zawad” Zawadzki – bass

Wiesiek „Dżang“ Jung – guitar

Rafał „Kefir“ Wachnicki – vocals

Mirek „Mekson“ Jung – drums

Robert „Robson“ Pruski – guitar

Already well known in Poland, TESTOR are about to start their crusade to the rest of the world! Their 2007 released album „Next stop insanity“ has been their last sign of life and their fans are waiting eagerly for their new release! „Animal killstinct“, the fourth album already, has been recorded and will be released soon!

TESTOR is a pure Thrash outfit with many reminiscences on their big brothers of METALLICA, mainly their mid to late eighties period.

The band was established at the beginning of 1990s. The most important events in the history of the band include:

recording a debut cassette „Through The Back Door“ in 1991;

performances in festivals in Jarocin in 1993 and 1994 together with the most known metal bands in Poland, e.g. Vader, Acid Drinkers, Illusion,

recording the first video clip to the song: „Jak Kamienie“ for the programme LUZ and taking the first place in the plebiscite for the best video clip,

the audience prize in the Review of Rock Bands in Belchatów in 1994,

1st prize in the contest during the festival in Wegorzewo in 1995,

recording the second video clip to the song: „Henio”,

a concert tour in Poland Prince Rock Tour with Vader, Sweet Noise and Proletaryat in the biggest cities of Poland in 1995,

recording a debut CD entitled „Ruiny“ in the studio of Winicjusz Chrost in 1996,

recording the third video clip to the song „Mr. Hyde“ and the third video clip to „Henio“,

performances in Przystanek Woodstock in Zary with many great bands from Poland and Europe in 1998 and 1999,

recording the second CD entitled „50%“ in 2001,

recording the fourth video clip to the song „Smooth Criminal“ in 2003,

recording a single „Pillar“ in 2005,

performance in Hunter Fest 2006 in Szczytno together with Fear Factory, Decapitated, Sick Of It All, Amorpis, Hunter and many more,

recording the third CD entitled „Next Stop Insanity“ in 2007,

recording the fifth video clip to the song “Shot In The Back”

recording the fourth CD entitled „Animal Killstinct“ in 2010,

During all these years the band has been playing on many stages across Poland together with the most known Polish metalbands: Behemoth, Vader, Acid Drinkers, KAT, Virgin Snatch, Frontside, Horrorscope, Made Of Hate, Proletaryat, Blindead, Chainsaw and many more.

Currently Testor is one of the Polish thrash metal leaders. The previously released album “Next Stop Insanity” was very highly rated by fans and the music industry and contributed to establishing a strong position of the band in the Polish market.

TESTOR: Discography

The Torment Demo, 1989

Through the Back Door EP, 1992 (ITM Records) Poland

Demo 93 Demo, 1993

Demo 94, 1994

Ruiny Full-length, 1996 (Bogdan Studio) Poland

Demo ’98 Demo, 1998

Demo ’99 Demo, 1999

Crossing the Flatline Demo, 2000

50% – Garage 2000/2001 Full-length, 2001 (Apim) Poland

Pillar Single, 2005

Next Stop Insanity Full-length, 2007 (Fonografika) Poland

Releases on / Veröffentlichungen auf KILLER METAL RECORDS:

1) Animal Killstinct CD (June 2011) 12 €