actual line-up:

Martin DeBourge – vocals
Ken Mandat – guitars
Rick Browz – bass
Mike Browz – drums



Founded in 1983, Damien Thorne consistently packed venues, and astonished crowds with their powerful and aggressive style of Heavy Metal. After two hard years of proving themselves to be among the elite on the Chicago club scene, the band landed a recording contract with CobraA&M/RoadRunner Records. Following the release of their debut album: (The Sign of the Jackal) in 1986, the band set out on a successful tour playing with bands such as NUCLEAR ASSAULT, FASTWAY and many others. Heavy radio airplay and strong record sales in Europe, Canada and Asia ensured the band’s success, along with a very favorable response in the U.S.

Unfortunately, during the recording of Damien Thorne’s second release (Wrath of Darkness) in 1987, the band was forced to leave their record label due to legal matters. Leaving what could have been their breakthrough album sitting unfinished on the shelf. Refusing to die, the band packed their bags and left Chicago and moved to Los Angeles in search of a new record deal. But times were changing in LA, and with the sudden rise of Alternative music, Damien Thorne was once again forced back into the underground.

After taking a few years off, the band moved back to Chicago where they belong, regrouped and locked themselves in a rehearsal studio to prepare for their next studio release. 2004 has seen the re-release of both „The Sign of the Jackal“ and „Wrath Of Darkness“, In 2005 the band released their 3rd full-length studio album entitled „Haunted Mind“ with Joe Martin on vocals .

In 2011, gearing up for their appearance at The Keep It True Festival in Germany, the band recruited veteran vocalist Martin DeBourge, releasing the hard hitting „End Of The Game“. A concept album based on, who else……… Damien Thorne.

Veröffentlichungen auf KILLER METAL RECORDS:

1) End of the game LP (November 2011):

500 limitierte Exemplare, handnummeriert, schwarzes Vinyl! 13,– €

500 strictly limited copies, handnumbered in black vinyl! 13,– €

250 limitierte Exemplare, handnummeriert, klares Vinyl + Aufnäher 5 x 15 cm! 18,– €
250 strictly limited copies, handnumbered in clear vinyl + patch 5 x 15 cm!
18,– €